CASTIMO supports ceramic producers and mould manufacturers in the production of porous resin moulds, starting with the planning process until the final implementation in their company. In addition to this comprehensive support, we offer a wide range of production equipment to complement the mould making process. Based on longterm experience we are the ideal partner for successful high pressure casting application.

Mould Production Chemicals

Mould Maintenance Chemicals

Mould production chemicals

Polyurethane Elastomer

Castable polyurethane elastomer, ceramic industry grade RECKLI PUR-Elastomer A55 is a liquid, solvent-free and rubbery-elastic two- component polyurethane. It is cold-curing, almost shrinkage-free and sliceable as well as grindable after curing. It shows high chemical resistance against aqueous alkali, especially concrete. Its colour is grey.

RECKLI PUR-Elastomer A55 is used for manufacturing flexible models, fittings, formliners and moulds ensuring exact reproduction of surface contours and textures. Easy stripping of castings is enabled by using suitable RECKLI release agents. RECKLI PUR-Elastomer A55 is tailored for making moulds on surfaces out of gypsum.

Release Agent

As a highly efficient release agent of proven quality, CASTIMO offers RECKLI Mould Wax. RECKLI Mould Wax is a solvent-based dispersion of a high-quality, fine-particle hard wax that enables easy demoulding of patters out of porous resin moulds when manufacturing models, replica, recesses, wear parts, negative moulds or formliners. It also allows the detachment of silicone from silicone.

Resin Mould Paint

The Mould Paint is used for the sealing of high-pressure casting moulds. The porous resin moulds are covered with mould paint to close the resin pores against air and fluids. After application of a thin layer, the sealer dries on the surface of the mould and forms a strong and impenetrable film.

Mould maintenance chemicals

Porous resin requires diligent care in order to achieve maximum performance. To maintain efficiency and a long lifetime special additives are required. For cleaning purposes and to inhibit the growth of algae, bacteria and mildew CASTIMO offers a systematic approach to extend durability of porous resin. Designed to provide reliable and effective antimicrobial and clogging protection, the additives are in particular used for the regular treatment of moulds made of porous resin. Advantages of regular mould treatment: Ability to remove established lime and residue of particles from surface Protection against a wide variety of microorganisms Enhanced durability and lifetime of porous resin CASTIMO offers you the full range of detergents / antimicrobial additives to get the best out of our porous resin. Our team of experts assists you choosing the most suitable components for your purpose.

CASTIDUR It is recommended to clean resin moulds regularly to maintain efficiency and to achieve a long lifetime of the resin moulds. During the lifespan of a resin mould, residues of slip, lime and other particles dry on the resin surface and lead to clogging of the pores. CASTIDUR is a highly effective cleaning additive to remove residues of slip and lime and is used to prevent clogging of pores of high pressure casting moulds. It is effective over a broad pH and temperature range.

Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl)

Despite regular cleaning, porous resin moulds may be affected by mildew formation. This will reduce the lifetime of the mould dramatically. Our product Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCL), with approx. 15% of active chlorine, is a high purity quality product to prevent mildew infestation.

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