In particular, CASTIMO Porous Resin is used in the high-pressure slip casting process of ceramic industries: Slip casting is a filtration process that has been used for many years in the ceramic industry for the production of sanitary ware and tableware.

The water-based powder suspensions are poured into a plaster mould, which by its capillary forces removes liquid from the suspension (slip). However, this process has many disadvantages, mainly that a large-scale production requires large production areas and many plaster moulds. Also, plaster moulds have a limited durability and need to be changed frequently. To avoid these problems high-pressure slip casting (also known as pressure slip casting or pressure casting) has been introduced. Instead of moulds made of plaster, Porous Resin moulds are used combined with high pressure (<30 bar or 3.0 MPa). This results in faster casting cycles than in slip casting where the capillary forces correspond to a pressure of 1–2 bar (0.1–0.2 MPa).

We at CASTIMO believe that high-pressure slip casting is the future of the ceramic industry for large-scale production. As part of our All-in-One-Solution we assist our customers in setting up and enhancing high-pressure slip casting processes to enable our customers to produce a high amount of products in less time and with less cost for machinery, staff and production space.

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