In a competitive market, you need to find ways to produce quality goods with an efficient approach. Using porous resin mould technology requires less manpower, less time and much less physical space than traditional slip casting. Our porous resin helps customers to be competitive because it offers efficiency and quality at a competitive price.

Porous resin is a material that needs diligent care during the production process in order to meet the requirements of our customers. We have been producing porous resin for the production of resin high-pressure casting moulds for years. Our knowledge of porous resin forms a fundamental element in our work, allowing us to find for our customers high performance solutions to specific applications in various environments. We provide materials for sanitary ware, tableware and technical ceramic casting.

CASTIMO Porous Resin will be delivered as a multi-component system and is available in various quality levels and different properties, including a range of pore sizes and mould strength, to meet the customers' needs. Our porous resin has a proven track record in particular in the high pressure casting industry. With its excellent performance and long casting life it offers an economical solution to our customers. The high quality of our porous resin also leads to a finer, superior surface quality of produced ceramics and a lower chance of mould binding at the production stage.

We will assist you choosing the most suitable product for your purpose. We also support you if you have any questions concerning possible fields of application of porous resin, e.g. high pressure casting, filtration systems etc.

As a special service for those customers who are new to CASTIMO Porous Resin we offer also onsite introduction workshops on how to prepare, use and handle our porous resin products. You can receive training and advice on mould manufacture and setting up your own mould making facility.

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